pool equipment

gas heaters

When it comes to pool and spa heating, the most efficientperformance is achieved by installing a gas heater.
In order to select the right one, you must take into account the size of thepool and spa, the speed of the heating process and the maximum desiredtemperature . We will recommend and install the pool heater that will best suityour needs.
Is your pool heater not operating properly or not working at all? We will diagnose the problem and repair the heater. Our technicians are well-trained and have years of experience with pool gas heater repairs and replacements (natural gas or propane) on most brands of heaters including Raheem/RayPak, Jandy, Pentair and Sta-Rite.

Filter repairs and replacement

Pool filters are one of the most vital lines of defense in conserving the purity of your pool water.The most common types of filters are sand and cartridge filters. Sand filters remove dirt using specially designed pool filter sand. Sand filters are easy to use, relatively inexpensive and have a long operational life ( 5 to 8 years).Cartridge filters have a larger filtration area, thus allowing for the removal of minor pieces of debris. They are extremely efficient in keeping the pool water absolutely translucent. Moreover, cartridge filters help save on the cost of electricity, water and chemicals as backwashing the pool becomes unnecessary.

Every filter on the market needs ongoing maintenance or occasional repair. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot any problem with the pool filtration system. This includes:
• Filter system repairs and replacement parts
• Sand filter and cartridge filter repair and replacement parts
• New filter system installation
• Cartridge elements replacement

Pump replacement and upgrades

Does your pool pump fail to keep your pool clean or does it make odd noises during the performance? Our team can help you to breathe new life into it. We can repair, replace, or upgrade the broken pump e. With the industry continually evolving, upgrading your pump to a variable speed model with a high Energy Star rating can significantly reduce costs associated with maintaining your pool throughout the season.
Advantages of variable speed pumps are:

• energy savings (up to 90% every season)
• quieter operations
• longer lifespan
• payback in 1 or 2 seasons
Based on our experience and our customers reviews, Pentair, Sta-Rite and Hayward  are the most recommended pumps on the market.


Lighting your pool will allow you to enjoy your pool day or night. It will also add a touch of charm to a pool party! Moreover, better visibility throughout the pool will give you peace of mind with after dark swimming.

The most technically advanced pool lights on the market today are LED (LightEmitting Diodes). Not only are LED pool lights are brighter, they also allow you to save 80% of pool lighting costs. Coming in a variety of shapes and shades ,LED lights last longer and use less heat, saving you money. Our team is happy to offer installation and upgrades to existing Installations, to provide quality lighting at an affordable price.

Automation systems

Automated control systems are a real breakthrough in the pool industry. With the recent advancement  in technology,  the adjustable programming allows the customized scheduling and operation of filtration cycles, sanitization, heating, lighting, water features and much more.

The cutting-edge technology also allows you to save up to 70% on your pool’s energy costs by running the equipment at top efficiency for minimum energy usage. Automation systems provide simple one-touch control of all pool equipment. They enable you to monitor and adjust system settings remotely, making your pool maintenance experience simple and effective. Whether you want to turn up the spa heater before you head home from work, activate waterfalls or control the chemistry balance while away, pool automated control systems allow you to do it through the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Our experts at Ontario Pool Service will be pleased to help you to take control of your pool experience with the most user-friendly and advanced pool automation systems on the market. 
We provide professional repair services and upgrades on all types of pool equipment. The extensive experience of our technicians along with the use of high-quality materials and equipment  allows us to offer premier pool repair  services .